BERLIN, N.J. (CBS) — The Berlin Police Department had some fun telling people to stay off the roads during the winter storm.

Bitter Blast Engulfs The Northeast After Heavy Snow Blankets Parts Of The Region

The department’s Facebook page posted a picture on Thursday of dozens of cars stuck in the snow while Mr. Freeze from “Batman” and Sub Zero from “Mortal Kombat” squared off.

“The current situation on the White Horse Pike. Mr. Freeze vs. Sub Zero. It’s a battle out here!” the department posted.

The post continued, “… well, actually not really. We just have really good graphic design officers. BUT if this helps deter you from driving, so be it! Our officers have been responding all morning to multiple calls for disabled vehicles. Stay off the roads if possible. We want to see everyone have a safe snow day.”

Nor’easter Recap And Unprecedented Cold Expected For The Area

The Jersey Shore felt the brunt of the storm as some areas saw over a foot of snow.