PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Were you among the many who made a New Year’s resolution that involves joining a gym or health club? The Pennsylvania Attorney General is offering some words of caution before you sign any contract.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro says it’s easy to be convinced to sign up for a gym with all the incentives many are offering at this time of year, but he advises there’s more than just the perks.

“Compare several gyms in your area,” Shapiro says. “Make sure it best suits your need. Carefully read the contract before you sign it. Watch out for hidden fees and clauses,” he adds. “Make sure you get that contract in writing and also check the club’s registration on my website.”

Shapiro says you have three days to cancel any contract if you have second thoughts, and if the gym closes and still owes you a membership refund, his consumer investigators will work with you to resolve issues.