By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The ingredients are coming together again as the area’s next winter storm inches closer.

But the question is: Where exactly will the storm hit and who is going to see the most snowfall?

“Right now we’re in the monitoring stage,” Gene Blaum of PennDOT said. “We’re monitoring the track this Nor’easter is going to take; how far west it is going to track.”

Blaum says crews are on standby, and if this Nor’easter decides to track westward, managers monitoring the different counties will be able to quickly shift trucks, salt and plows.

At this point in time, those types of decisions aren’t being made. Each county maintenance manager will make the decision on how much equipment they’re going to use.

The same is true in Camden County, especially since current forecasts show New Jersey may see the brunt of the snow.

“We are monitoring everything on an hour basis,” Camden County Freeholder Susan Shin-Angulo said.

Shin-Angulo added Nor’easters can be unpredictable, so before the storm hits, the county is replenishing its salt supplies.

“The next 24 hours, we’re going to get about 500 tons of salt to prepare for this system,” she said.

Officials are monitoring multiple forecasts, preparing to move crews to parts of the county which may need them most.

“We have 12 snow zones, per say, and we will constantly monitor the route and shift workers, whether it’s mechanics or drivers, whoever is there to help with the equipment,” Shin-Angulo said. “What we’re doing is expecting the worst case scenario, and hopefully, we’ll get the best.”

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