By Andrew Kramer

LANGHORNE, PA (CBS) – If you’re a Pennsylvania resident hoping to purchase fireworks ahead of the New Year, here’s something you should know.

A new law was passed recently allowing Pennsylvanians to buy and use all fireworks, provided they comply with federal requirements for consumers.

Over at Intergalactic Fireworks off of East Lincoln Highway in Langhorne, Bucks County, owner Anthony Lobianco says his customers were exploding with joy after learning this news.

“The phone calls have been tremendous,” he tells KYW Newsradio. “A lot of people are shocked, just calling to see if it’s true.”

Before Governor Wolf signed this law, when a Pennsylvania resident would walk into a state fireworks store…

“It used to be where Pennsylvania residents could only buy ground devices such as fountains, sparklers, ground spinners,” explains Lobianco.

But now, he says, their options range from all 1.4G explosives.

“Aerial devices, firecrackers. Roman Candles, multi-shot repeaters, Helicopters, Parachutes, Mortars, which are reloadable shells,” Lobianco says.

Prior to this law, Lobianco says residents from New Jersey and other states would come to his store and buy these items. But anybody with a Pennsylvania license would be turned down.

He says he’s just relieved he won’t have to do that anymore, and so are his customers.

“People are happy,” Lobianco says. “They’re like they had to go through such a long process to try to buy fireworks. Now they’re happy they can just come to their local mom and pop shop and pick up some fireworks.”

Lobianco says word of this new law has been spreading rapidly recently, and as a result, “business has been much better since.”

While speaking with KYW, Lobianco even noticed a sign still sitting on top of one of the shelves indicating which items are “Pennsylvania Legal.”

He quickly realized it was time to take that down.