By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Dozens of volunteers traded in Christmas morning around the tree to serve warm holiday breakfasts for the less fortunate in Center City.

Credit: (Tim Jimenez)

It’s tradition here at Arch Street United Methodist Church, volunteers, with their sleeves rolled up, gloves and hairnets on, dishing out plates full of pancakes, bacon, hash browns, and more, to the homeless.

“If they are hungry we will see that they have food.”

And for these volunteers, there was no better way to give back in the season of giving.

Credit: (Tim Jimenez)

“I mean, no one wants to sleep on a cold, cement slab. But they’re there, you know. And they need to be taken care of.”

“I’m not here to judge a person for whatever situation they find themselves in. I’m just here to help.”

Anika Mitchell is from Florida but is in Philadelphia for Christmas, And for the second straight year, she spent the morning serving others and teaching her son a lesson.

“That Christmas isn’t about opening up gifts and doing things like that,” she said. “It’s more about sharing love and giving your time and I want to teach him that at an early age.”