HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — A nearly year-long spat between Governor Wolf and the Republican-controlled legislature over funding the state’s faltering unemployment compensation processing system has come to an end. Wolf has signed a bill that will pump $114 million over four years into the system for technological upgrades and for increased staffing.

The disagreement began when Senate Republicans balked at authorizing more funds to improve the system… complaining that millions that had already been spent for that purpose had not produced results. In April, the state auditor general said his review found mismanagement in the unemployment comp processing system… and little way to tell how money had been spent. So why throw more cash at the system now? Jenn Kocher is the spokeswoman for Senate Republican leaders…

“Well, what we were looking for were additional accountability measures,” Kocher said. “And that is something we received in this particular bill. And it does have a plan, and requires periodic check-ins, and more plans.”

Callers to the unemployment compensation system have experienced wait times of up to six hours during the past year.