By Brandon Longo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – “I thought it was a bunch of shooting stars,” said one driver after crews worked to remove a fallen sign on the roadway in Bucks County.

PennDOT spokesman Gene Blaum said crews were using a crane to remove a sign from the highway on Wednesday, but the sign was 15,000 pounds heavier than expected and fell onto the roadway.

The incident caused major backups during Wednesday’s morning commute.

But Mike Doan thought luck was coming his way.

“It’s terrible man. I was in the car smoking a cigarette and I thought I’d seen a shooting star. We were far back from the cars … but I thought it was shooting stars going into the air. But here the sign fell down or they were cutting it up or something. I thought it was a bunch of shooting stars, I was making a bunch of wishes.”

Sadly, they weren’t shooting stars, just crews hard at work.