By Jessica Dean

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Liberty USO is one of our partners in our Joy of Sharing Toy Fest. CBS3 anchor Jessica Dean talked to a military family dedicated to lifting the burden on families like theirs.

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Good luck keeping up with 7-year-old Brandon Weekly on the field. He and his twin brother Joshua love sports.

“What is your favorite team?” Jessica Dean asked.

“The Falcons!” said Joshua.

The Weeklys are today’s typical military family. Mom Kara Weekly said, “It’s usually a two-income household. The spouse usually works. I happen to work full time.”

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Dad Matthew Weekly is a master sergeant in the Air Force, deployed overseas at least six months at a time. When he’s gone, Kara has to work and look after the boys, who have special needs.

Kara has another job too. She is also a “key spouse,” a position the Air Force created for experienced military spouses to help newer ones get the services they need.

“The important part is making sure we’ve gotten the families covered,” Kara said. “They’re ultimately the ones at home holding up the homefront, and to me, they’re the unsung heroes.”

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“I think it’s amazing everything she does for the military,” Matthew said. “It’s a lot to do, especially with our family dynamic and how busy our family are.”

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Kara helps connect families with organizations like Liberty USO, our partner in the CBS 3 Joy of Sharing Toy Fest.

“Your viewers are probably the most patriotic and generous that I’ve ever encountered,” said Joe Brooks, Liberty USO president and CEO.

He said military families are relieved to get a hand.

“Maybe they didn’t know how they were going to provide for a Christmas for their child,” Joe said.

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Jessica asked Kara, “What will it be like for them to get these toys?”

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“It will be a wonderful contribution from the community,” said Kara.