LA CROSSE, WI (CBS) — A group of grannies in Wisconsin started a basketball league of their own.

But there’s a catch… you must be 50 years or older to play.

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The team from La Crosse, Wisconsin is preparing for their first game in the “Granny Basketball League.”

Every Monday night these grannies lace up and hit the basketball court for a game of 5-on-5.

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An interesting thing about the “granny league” is they play the game the way it was played back in the 1920s. So they can’t show any skin — and running, jumping, and physical contact is not allowed.

“You know, you get tangled up with somebody, you fall down. So everybody hollers, granny down and the clock stops. But like a pass meets that future. I just love that,” says Katie, one of the ladies playing in the league.

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Some of the ladies say they are still working on their three-pointers but what they have perfected is their famous “Granny shot.”