By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As winter approaches, PennDOT says it’s short on truck drivers.

PennDot is looking to hire dozens of people to help salt and plow the thousands of miles of roads in this region alone. John Krafcyzk, PennDOT’s assistant district executive for maintenance, says in recent years they’ve been a bit shorthanded.

“It’s been typical for the past couple of years that we haven’t been able to get the number of drivers we needed,” said Krafcyzk.

And Krafcyzk says that has led to crews working way more than they should be.

“The largest storms are harder for us because we demand more from our guys. They’ve got to work 16, 17 hours,” said Krafcyzk.

So, if you want to drive a plow truck, “We’re looking for drivers with CDL licenses,” said Krafcyzk.

PennDOT is also looking for mechanics and people to work at the dispatch center.

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