By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Only one ship that survived the attack on Pearl Harbor 76 years ago remains afloat today. And KYW’s Jay Lloyd reports that it’s preserved in nearby Baltimore and open to visitors.

As December, 1941 dawned, the crew of the Coast Guard cutter Taney was working search and rescue patrols in Hawaiian waters. Great duty. But on the morning of December 7th, while moored in Honolulu within sight of the island’s main power plant. Crewman Hank Lingenfelder, who I found 30 years ago, recalled racing to battle stations when the bombs started falling. The Japanese aircraft where targeting the power house. The Taney’s guns began firing and forced the enemy planes to fly higher.

The powerhouse was spared. Today the Taney which was built in the Philadelphia Navy Yard is a prime attraction at Baltimore’s inner harbor. Visitors can go aboard, tour the ship and hear a rich history of the only vessel still afloat that saw action at pearl harbor.