By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Remember Matt Tobin? He spent his first four NFL seasons with the Eagles.

This past summer, the Birds traded the 27-year-old offensive lineman to the Seahawks for a 2018 fifth-round pick.

Tobin, ahead of this week’s Eagles-Seahawks Sunday Night Football matchup in Seattle, is saying Seahawks fans are better than Eagles fans.

“The 12’s are a little more rowdy. Well, maybe not more rowdy, but it’s like this: You see a lot of fights in the stands in Philly – that happens all the time – whereas here they’re really cheering for the team they care about,” said Tobin via Bleeding Green Nation. “They know they can be part of the game and affect it. It doesn’t get near as loud there as it does here.”

Tobin also said he still feels like Seattle can run the ball on the Eagles, despite the Seahawks averaging just 102.9 yards per game (19th) and the Eagles allowing just 65.1 yards per game on the ground (1st).