By Paul Kurtz

CHERRY HILL, NJ (CBS) — Dec. 1 is cutoff day for all the men who took part in “No Shave November.”

KYW’s Paul Kurtz visited a Cherry Hill salon and barbershop where township police officers were given complimentary shaves.

“I feel me again. I feel like its me again. I feel lighter.”

That was the overall sentiment of about a dozen officers after ending their “No Shave November” at Le Reve.

The officers were given permission to break department grooming regulations in exchange for a donation to the Police Benevolent Association.

“It’s for a good cause, it’s about giving back, it’s about the donation we make, so, overall, it’s been very positive,” said Sgt. Sergio Velazquez.

Putting the the razor aside for 30 days was a welcome break for Sgt. Velazquez, one of those guys who battles a persistent, and pesky, 5 o’clock shadow.

“I’ll probably have a full beard before I leave here today again,” he said.

“Did you start on Nov. 1 as well?”

“I did.”

“And when was the full beard in place?”

“Probably Nov. 2.”

But, he says, the beard went over well with the family.

“I have two kids and they think it’s great. My daughter actually rubs it and I’m like a different dad to them right now,” Velazquez said. “They’re probably gonna be a little shocked when I get home and I don’t have it. They’ll be like, ‘What happened?'”

Each cop was given the luxury treatment: electric razor, followed by hot towel and straight edge finish.