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By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Pennsylvania winter playgrounds are thinking snow. KYW’s Jay Lloyd reports if it doesn’t fall from the sky, man can improvise.

From here to the Poconos, sliding down a mountain on slats and boards is often called, “Banana Belt Skiing.” But it works. What nature doesn’t provide, man does. All it takes is water, cold temperatures and compressors. It’s the art of snowmaking, and it’s fueled Pennsylvania ski slopes since the early 50’s. Jack Frost Honcho Mark Daubert tells us snow farming technology has taken giant leaps with fleets of computerized water pumps that pump at much higher pressure.

snow gun Snow Blow Getaway

Snow guns prepare for winter (Jay Lloyd)

Last year as the snow guns began firing, I checked out what skiers thought of the new snow crop. They described the first runs down newly coated slopes as really good, exhilarating and smooth.

snow blow Snow Blow Getaway

Snow guns firing a blizzard. (Jack Frost photo)

Check your favorite mountain for opening dates.

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