By Mark Abrams

PENNSYLVANIA (CBS) — Pennsylvania’s attorney general is demanding answers within two weeks from the management of Uber about the impact of the latest corporate data breach the ride-sharing company recently admitted.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro says Uber lawyers have acknowledged they received his letter and are promising to cooperate.

“I’ve demanded more information and answers from Uber: When the breach occurred? How many people were affected both drivers and consumers?” Shapiro said.

Shapiro says Uber admitted that information on 13,000 drivers who work for the company in Pennsylvania was stolen. And, he says, the company acknowledges names, email addresses, and phone numbers of Uber customers could have been hacked.

“It was more important to put a dollar of profit in their own pockets as opposed to a dollar invested in protecting our safety, security, and our data. And that’s something we can’t stand for anymore,” said Shapiro

He’s encouraging Uber drivers or riders to file a complaint.

Uber said in a statement, “We take this matter very seriously and we are happy to answer any questions regulators may have. We are committed to changing the way we do business, putting integrity at the core of every decision we make, and working hard to re-gain the trust of consumers.”