By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia woman is calling national attention to the plight of homeless college students, after being chosen by a leading clothing-maker to document her story for an online awareness campaign by Hanes apparel.

“Being a homeless college student, it’s hard,” said Mary Baxter

She brings that point home in a seven-minute video documenting her struggle, couchsurfing with her son.

“You constantly thinking, is this going to be my last night here?,” she said.

While trying to keep up with grades and tuition.

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Credit: Mary Baxter

“Unfortunately college has become a business, so people like me fall through the cracks,” Baxter said.

Hanes thinks giving her story a wider audience will encourage people to get involved with finding solutions to homelessness.

She hopes they see a larger meaning in her story.

“Education is the pathway to move forward in society and contribute so I hope they see how all this interconnects to making our country greater and, hopefully, someone will help me out in the process,” she said.