By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pennsylvania’s solar industry will be getting a boost thanks to recent changes in state law.

The state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act passed in 2004, but it allowed out-of-state alternative energy companies to import energy, which reduced the incentive to build solar in PA.

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Emily Schapira, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Energy Authority, says the change is great news for Pennsylvania.

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“The change that was made will actually require that those projects be done here in Pennsylvania, which will make a huge difference for us on economic development, will raise the price of our alternative energy credits to help subsidize those projects a little further, and really should have lasting strong benefits for the entire state,” she said.

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Currently, Pennsylvania’s energy credits are $5 a piece, while New Jersey credits are $250 each. Under the changes, the price of energy credits is expected to go up in PA.