By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s a tradition for many families in the area to have a South Philly bakery cook their Thanksgiving turkeys.

One by one, they came into Cacia’s bakery before the sun came up Thursday. They had their holiday birds in a big pan, covered in foil.

Joey Cacia says the bakery team at Cacia’s then slides the turkeys, 124 this year, in their massive brick oven where they would sizzle for up to five hours.

“The heat radiates among the bricks which is good. It’s not a constant – hot air circling in a little oven,” said Joey Cacia.

This tradition goes back 60 years and Louis from South Philly loves it. He says a Cacia’s cooked turkey is the best he’s ever had.

“It’s really nice and crispy on the outside so that when you cut into the turkey all the juice oozes out and the meat just falls apart,” said Louis.

The cost is 24 bucks, but people here say it’s worth every penny, and it frees up oven space at home to use for sides and deserts.