By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The smart watch can reveal heart rate and sleep patterns at a glance. Now, a Philadelphia startup is looking to make your mental health just as accessible.

Think of NeuroFlow as the brains to measure what’s going on in your brain.

“I can understand what’s going on in my own body and it empowers me, the patient,” said CEO Chris Molaro.

Molaro served in the Army. This software stems from his desire to help his fellow soldiers manage post-traumatic stress disorder and to fight the high rate of suicide among servicemembers.

“But it’s not just a veteran issue. We can help measure how the body changes physiologically when you’re stressed, relaxed, focused, and engaged,” he explained.

NeuroFlow makes sense of the data gathered by EEG headsets and other wearables.

Working with a clinician, patients can visualize and understand their own mental and emotional states and use the measurements to improve outcomes in therapy. Elite athletes can optimize how they perform under constant stress.

“I think we can change lives in the process,” Molaro said.

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