KANSAS (CBS) – It’s a first — a comic book about a superhero who has down syndrome.

The writer, Chip Reece, says he created it for his son Ollie who has the disorder.

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Reece says he wanted his young son to have a superhero he could connect with, but a character like Ollie didn’t exist.

So he decided to create “Metaphase.”

“I’ve just been a comic book fan all my life,” said Reece. “In this case, he wanted to be a superhero, and that’s what the story is about, the dad handling what his son wants to do and supporting him.”

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Reece says almost all of the 1,500 copies printed have been sold.

The book even made it to Ollie’s school.

Ollie, who is non-verbal, says he recognizes the character in the book as himself.