By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Even though the season is over, all of the Philadelphia Phillies home runs are still paying off.

For the last seven seasons, all of the Phillies 880 home runs did more than just help them on the field.

“For every home run a Phillies player hits throughout the season, whether home or away, we plant a tree throughout the Delaware Valley,” said Mary Ann Moyer with the Phillies.

Moyer says the team hit a collective 174 homers last season.

“Phillies home run trees have tags on them of the player who hit the home run, so you can be running on Kelly Drive, or a different part of the neighborhood, and you’ll be able to see Phillies trees,” said Moyer.

On Thursday, those trees were donated to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for this weekend’s citywide tree planting event, where nearly 800 trees will be planted across the Delaware Valley.

Mindy Maslin with PHS says it’s an incredible initiative.

“Trees in the city make life more enjoyable, healthier. Trees help to keep people wanting to be in the city,” said Maslin.

The planting campaign is part of PHS’ Plant One Million, an initiative with a goal to restore substantial tree canopy throughout the region.