PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Kenney administration has released a draft of its plan to reduce the city’s carbon footprint and it wants residents’ input before it makes the report final.

The plan outlines steps that can be taken to reduce carbon output by 80 percent over the next three decades.

It’s an ambitious goal but the charts and graphs in the Office of Sustainability report shows how it could be doable, by helping build a a renewable electric supply and improving efficiency in homes and businesses. Some early steps are underway.

The city has asked for bids to supply energy for city buildings, the airport and water department from all renewable sources.

Senior program manager Rich Freeh says it’s part of leading by example, which also includes cutting energy *use* in city facilities by 20 percent.

Now, he hopes residents will buy in.

“We put out this play book, it’s not a prescriptive strategy so now we need to work with residents, with businesses, with institutions to understand what are our next steps,” Freeh said. “How do we want to work together to actually achieve this clean energy vision

You can find the report, and the survey here.