PENNSYLVANIA (CBS) — It’s early, but the competition is already heating up for the position of lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, which is on the ballot during next year’s election.

John Fetterman, the progressive Democratic mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania on the western side of the state, is challenging lLt. Gov. Mike Stack for his position.

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Fetterman announced his candidacy Tuesday morning, saying his work as mayor of the small town translates perfectly into lieutenant governor for the entire state.

“I’ve been working in a deeply marginalized community, that had been essentially written off or pushed to the margins,” he said. “We have been building it back for the last 16 years, whether it’s education and GED programming, help getting jobs, attracting new businesses.”

Fetterman says he’s not running on a campaign aimed at the embattled lieutenant governor’s non-political issues, instead, he wants to compare their work records.

“I’m here to compare the 16 years of work and progress and results here in Braddock, compared to three years in his role as lieutenant governor, and that’s what we’re running on,” he said.

Last year, Fetterman placed third in the Democratic primary election for the U.S. Senate.