PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, Monday, has signed an executive order guaranteeing protection for city workers who report misconduct, and the order prohibits retaliation against those who come forward.

Inspector General Amy Kurland estimates her office saved the city $9 million, last year, rooting out waste, fraud and abuse, and she couldn’t have done it without “whistleblowers.”

“Most of our information, most of our cases, come from tips from city employees,” she said.

Kurland said her office protects whistleblowers, keeping their identities confidential, and she’s never heard of a case of retribution. But she’s pleased with the mayor’s executive order, spelling out that no one who brings her information may suffer adverse actions as a result.

“There’s never been something that has been actually codified with all of the protections listed in one place and the fact that the mayor is signing this publicly is making a statement that we really do care very deeply about having an honest government that operates with integrity,” she said.

Kurland says it should encourage anyone who might not have spoken out because of a fear of retaliation.