By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With the city poised to take-back control of its schools from the state, Mayor Kenney on Monday took a look at one school with a unique new mission.

The 102nd school tour of Mayor Kenney’s term took him to Parkway Center City Middle College, where high school students are taking college-level courses and can graduate high school with an associate’s degree. Algebra teacher Rob Mastrangelo says his school’s freshmen started with a summer bridge program at Community College of Philadelphia.

“To see how to behave in a college class on a college campus, how to conduct themselves, how to study, what they need to study for, their organizational skills.  It’s helped a ton in everything,” said Mastrangelo.

Principal Anh Brown said, “Currently there are now 62 of our students taking their first-year experience at CCP, and they’re averaging 96 percent.”

Mayor Kenney says if students have the resources necessary, they can blossom.

“This whole concept somehow that our kids — urban kids, quote-unquote, can’t succeed is just baloney,” said Kenney.