By David Madden

CLAYTON, NJ (CBS) — Emergency management officials in Gloucester County huddled with managers for the local electric utility, getting ready for the winter to come.

Atlantic City Electric has upgraded its infrastructure and engaged in a lot of tree trimming where power lines might be threatened. Vince Maione is regional VP for the utility and reminds homeowners of their role to get ready.

“There might be some dead trees on their property that might be close to their properties, their buildings, their homes, their sheds, their garages,” Maione told KYW Newsradio. “They need to look at that. But also they also need to prepare in case there is an outage.”

img 3443 Power Provider Teams With Emergency Managers To Prepare For Winter

Maione speaking at podium. (credit: David Madden)

Particularly a potentially long one. That’s an idea echoed by Gloucester County Emergency Management Coordinator Dennis McNulty, who suggests you get a kit together, which includes medicines and other necessities.

“Things like additional food supplies that are non-perishable, water supplies,” McNulty said. “They can make sure they have family members that they can contact if they need to re-locate for an extended power outage.”

And (shameless plug alert) it might help to have that good old battery powered radio at the ready, with backups, because you can’t be too prepared. Same suggestion goes for cell phones.