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If you aren’t already implementing a commercial energy management program into your business to reduce energy consumption and control utility bill costs, you likely fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • You aren’t yet convinced that the upfront cost is worth it.

  • You worry about the time associated with implementing a program.

  • You didn’t even know programs existed to help you save money.

  • You think commercial energy management programs are a scam.

Commercial energy management is not some too-good-to-be true, quick-fix solution to an ever-increasing utility bill. Through energy assessments, a commercial energy management program is meant to take a highly targeted approach to cost-saving opportunities that sustain well into the future.

Commercial Energy Management: What savings will I see?

If you are a business owner, you likely have concerns about fitting commercial energy management into your budget. Simply put: You want to know the cost benefits before you invest. 

When it comes to controlling your energy costs, however, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, the program is customized to address your business’s energy usage. 

The only way to attach hard numbers, in terms of cost savings, to a commercial energy management program is to have an energy advisor conduct a full assessment of your building and utility bill.This is where your advisor begins to understand your energy usage, potential areas of waste and ways to reduce consumption. An assessment shapes your program, and it’s at this point that you’re able to see the potential for savings.

Commercial Energy Management Program Financing Options

Sure, a solid commercial energy management plan is a financial investment. But, your initial financial output doesn’t have to be as grand as you anticipate.

For example, if you meet certain criteria of a state’s energy incentive program, the state may pay up to 70%, and then the utility company can finance the rest at a low interest rate. In this scenario, a smaller amount of money is coming out of your pocket and you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on upgraded, energy-efficient equipment.

By partnering with a trustworthy energy advisor, you receive guidance on state-specific programs that offset the cost of investing in a commercial energy management program.

Receive Guidance And Support Throughout Your Program

Aside from the financial investment involved in instituting a commercial energy management program, you may also be concerned about the time investment. When your resources are already maxed out, it’s difficult to foresee when the work of controlling energy costs will get done.

Your energy advisor should offer you resources to help you complete any necessary energy management program paperwork or applications. Once you are approved for a project or incentive program, your advisor is the one who finds a vetted subcontractor and ensures everything is on track and on budget.

After your program is underway, your energy advisor can serve as a trusted point of contact throughout the project’s completion.

With a commercial energy management plan, you build a well-defined program to control energy costs through customized solutions to meet your specific needs. This is the true path toward having real authority over what you see on your utility bill month after month.

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