By Chris Stigall
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The Washington Post and ABC News released a new poll this week on the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.  The results were shocking!  Shocking if you’re the Washington Post and ABC News, anyway.  Trump would still beat Clinton if the election were held today.

Furthermore, he’d win by a bigger margin.

The Post’s Aaron Blake lamented: “But for those who think that Trump has been an unmitigated disaster as president and that he has no chance of winning reelection, it should be a bit of a reality check that he can still win under the right circumstances.”

I had to laugh when I read that.  “Under the right circumstances?”

What he means is the circumstances of an unpopular candidate on the Democrat side like Hillary Clinton.  What he fails to acknowledge is Donald Trump won for bigger reasons than Hillary Clinton. He won because the institutions of this country have been corrupted.  And we see it’s worse than we knew as the light shines more brightly upon them in the last year.

Just two weeks into the Trump presidency, I wrote:

“Folks reluctant of Trump who grudgingly cast their vote for him will now be moved to stand behind him as he takes the agitators head-on. Independents, working class Democrats, and even hard line #NeverTrump conservatives will now back Trump simply to deny the agitators a future seat of power.

The anti-Trump lunacy unleashed – largely manufactured and literally purchased – may make front-page news today, but it will lead to a Democrat Party as a political footnote tomorrow. Maybe for a generation.”

That was February 2nd – nine months ago – enough time for crazy and duplicity to gestate and give birth to a whole new level of ugly.

Consider what’s happened.  We’ve seen establishment Republicans like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker wave the white flag of surrender to Trump’s “drain the swamp” movement.  Other Republicans have been exposed as better representatives of lobbyists and leftist activist groups than representatives of their voters back home. All the while attempting to curry favor with mainstream media. Rather than fight, they’re choosing to quit.

Two mass shootings and an ISIS-inspired attack brought out the worst of the left. When an Uzbek national used an absurd “Diversity Visa Lottery” tucked within our immigration system to rent a truck and mow down New Yorkers while shouting “Allahu Akbar” – liberals told us politics weren’t to be discussed.

The terrorist’s motivation, his nationality, the suicidal policies of American liberal immigration policy were all declared “unseemly,” “bigoted,” and “a rush to judgment” in debates with the left.
Nevertheless, politics LITERALLY created a terror strike.  Trump said so quickly.  Sober Americans understood it, too.

The terror strike was sandwiched between two horrific mass shootings.  One in Las Vegas during a country music festival killing over fifty and another at a Texas church service that killed nearly thirty. While the Las Vegas shooting continues to be a mystery on many levels, at first blush it appears obvious mental instability must be considered.

In the case of the Texas church shooting, we now know his record of abuse and violence should have prevented him from purchasing firearms in the first place.  He was a well-documented ticking time bomb who could and should have been stopped.

In both cases, gun laws already in place weren’t upheld and were ignored.  By many Democrats’ own admission, no new laws would’ve prohibited either shooting.

Patiently waiting for more information and “not rushing to judgment” wasn’t of interest to the left in those cases. Mental illness wasn’t the focus of the left.  It was the guns!  The guns, and of course, country music, religion, and the NRA.

“Prayers didn’t save the people in that church,” said good liberals.  “Those country music fans in Vegas probably voted Trump,” said others.  And of course the cliché of all clichés, “the NRA and gun lobby prevent common sense gun laws.”

Here’s what I know.  Millions of registered Democrats believe in the power of prayer, enjoy listening to country music, and believe strongly in their Second Amendment right to protect and defend themselves.  Despite those easily proven facts, liberal Democrats in office continue to sing their loony siren song to a minority of street dwelling rabble-rousers.

But that’s not all.  America’s favorite sport is slowly slitting its own throat as NFL players and their bosses continue to allow displays of disrespect to the American flag, military personnel, and first responders.  Rather than nip it in the bud, they defiantly double down.  But so has President Trump. He’s calling regular attention to the issue and he’s easily winning the majority of American’s support.

Meanwhile, our liberal “betters” in Hollywood are all coming to terms with their big, fat, hypocritical, lie known as #ImWithHer, #NastyWoman and pink vagina hats marching through the streets.

Liberal “entertainers” suggesting President Trump was the worst thing to ever happen to American women were – at the same time – protecting, covering, and sheltering pedophiles and deviants in their midst, for decades in some cases.

We’ve seen two active Democrat voters attempt to assassinate Republican House members at a charity baseball practice and another who assaulted a Republican senator while he was mowing his lawn.  Why?  Simply because they disagreed with their victims politically.

Finally, the Democrat party itself is in a tailspin.  Former DNC chair Donna Brazile’s new tell-all book gives insight into a party bought and wholly controlled by Hillary Clinton.  It’s a party multiple Democrats are now admitting is rigged.  It’s a party without a message – just a whole lot of misguided rage at Trump and those who elected him president.

Frankly, it’s not about Democrats and Republicans anymore.  It’s about Trump versus whatever you want to call the immoral, disrespectful, irrational dumpster fire that opposes him.  It’s sure not a political party and it’s certainly not who most Americans are.

How can anyone be shocked President Trump would still win an election after the year we’ve had? His opposition has only gotten weirder, weaker, and whinier.

Three more years of this, and Trump not only wins again.  He may not need to campaign.