HARRISBURG, P.a. (CBS) —  The spokesman for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board says it’s too soon to say how quickly the new forms of gambling authorized by a bill signed into law by Governor Wolf last Monday will be ready for action.

There are some time frames for steps in the process specified in the new gaming law. For example, municipalities will have until the end of the year to opt out of hosting one of ten “mini” or “satellite” casinos.

Beyond that, Gaming Control Board spokesman Doug Harbach says licensing those satellite casinos will be done in several steps.

“Satellite casinos have a new auction process before we even get to awarding the license and the location and doing the background investigation,” he said. “And that process is really not going to take place until mid next year or so.”

Meanwhile, he says video gaming terminals, which will be allowed at truck stops, are new to Pennsylvania, so the gaming board will have to take a close look at both the law and how they are handled elsewhere.

Harbach says no one form of gaming authorized under the law has priority during the rollout.

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