By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The “P” in North Penn High School could stand for passion.

At the school, educators show their passion by treating the student mind like a parachute that can only function when opened.

The North Penn teachers are aiming to open the minds of students by sharing bright ideas.

“We share,” explained chemistry teacher Chris King. “If any teacher comes up with anything like, ‘I found this really great demonstration to illustrate something.’ Or ‘I found a video or something,’ they immediately share it with the whole department. It makes us all much better teachers.”

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These ideas spark passion.

“That is what happens when we use the word passion, in public speaking class,” said public speaking teacher Kevin Manero as he pointed to his classroom of students drumming on their desks with their hands. “They have the passion, enthusiasm that you wake up for in the morning and you are a teacher.”

King has been a chemistry teacher at North Penn for 26 years and it was his passion for learning and fun that led him to the classroom.

“I think we all have to find something that fits our personality,” he said. “If you love your work, then you never work a day in your life. That is what it is to me.”

King has a sense of humor that makes it worth coming to class. And he is not only one.

If you take a trip in the chem lab, it is about the people.

“All of the staff and administrators set this up to be great,” said one North Penn student.

All of the teachers are very passionate about what they do. From curriculum to their content the teachers enjoy what they are doing, so students enjoy it as well.