By Anita Oh

BRISTOL TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Bristol Township police are investigating a child luring incident involving a 9-year-old boy.

It happened on Aug. 12 when police say the boy was playing outside with rocks when a man and car approached him. The man reportedly asked for the boy’s age, where he lives, and whether he wanted to go for a walk.

The man also allegedly asked the boy for the rocks in exchange for a $50 bill, money later determined to be counterfeit.

Investigators dusted the bill for fingerprints, which have not been matched.

“Watch your kids. Make sure they’re not alone in the streets. Kids that are walking home from the school bus, walk together,” said Bristol Township Police Lt. Ralph Johnson.

Bristol Township police were initially investigating a second case involving a 10-year-old girl on November 2, but detectives now believe the child may have embellished the incident due to personal stressors. Police originally released a photo of a person of interest connected to this incident, but that person has been cleared of any wrongdoing. Police tell CBS3 that a similar description was given to the Aug. 12 attempted luring incident which is why they believed the two were linked.

Anyone with information regarding the Aug. 12 incident should contact the Bristol Township Police Department at 215-785-4040 and refer to incident number 17-24552.