By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Arguments continued in Federal court Thursday in the city’s fight for a preliminary injunction on the Department of Justice’s new immigration guidelines, which would pull Congress-approved funding for sanctuary cities that do not comply.

Last month, a Federal judge in Chicago ruled against the Trump Administration, saying it ‘exceeded the Attorney General’s authority’ to do so.

The Department of Justice says it will pull $1.6 million, intended for Philadelphia public safety, if the city doesn’t comply with new guidelines enacted by the Trump administration, which mandates police and other city employees must share personal information of immigrants with feds.

“That would impose a huge burden on the city,” said Sara Solow, representing Philadelphia.” What they are asking is for the city to get rid of a number of critical policies that they have had for a number of years.”

Which includes giving out personal information.

The city has argued the Attorney General doesn’t have the authority to withhold the cash.

Lawyers for the government have argued most federal money comes with strings attached, and that the requests are within the bounds of the executive branch.