By David Madden

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) — A historic marker has been unveiled not far from the Camden Aquarium to pay homage to, perhaps, the city’s most well-known resident, 19th century poet Walt Whitman.

The marker sits at the end of Martin Luther King Boulevard at the entrance to Wiggins Park. Whitman lived in Camden for the last eight years of his life.

Leo Black, curator at the Walt Whitman House, recalled two reasons why Whitman chose Camden.

img 3409 Historic Marker Erected In Camden To Honor Poet Walt Whitman

Leo Black, curator at the Walt Whitman House (credit: David Madden)

“There was the river, which he loved so much, and its people, the people here in Camden and South Jersey who he grew to love,” Black told KYW Newsradio.

There are other things to honor Whitman throughout the city. Several statues, a couple murals and, yes, the bridge that bears his name although that actually serves Gloucester City. But this is his first historic marker in town.

Camden County has put up two of these markers in the last year or so. The first, outside the Merchantville Country Club, honors golf pro John McDermott.

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