By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney feels for New Yorkers, but acknowledges so-called Lone Wolf attacks like the one along the Hudson River bike path are difficult to predict, or stop.

The mayor says his counterparts in New York are as good as it gets in stopping terrorism, but folks can’t “stop their lives or hide.”

“I think New York, in having that Halloween parade last night and having kids go back to school today, and getting life as back to normal as possible is the best way to thumb our noses at the terrorists,” Kenney said.

He says local police, partnering with federal officials, continue to make adjustments to keep people as safe as they can.

“Our police are always trying to innovate, do their best communicate, follow social media, and do the things they need to do,” Kenney said. “We live in an open society, and we want to stay an open society. That’s part of the dangers of being an open society.”