By John McDevitt

SEATTLE (CBS) — As Seattle-based Amazon examines proposals from more than 200 cities, including Philadelphia for the corporate giant’s second headquarters, Philadelphia’s campaign efforts are not over in an attempt to woo Amazon employees.

Forty-eight buses and trolleys that go through two neighborhoods in Seattle near Amazon headquarters have been wrapped by Philadelphia tourism folks promoting Philadelphia not only as a nice place to visit, but to live.

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There are 23 different images with corresponding advertising lines or messages.

“It is a quality of life message,” said Visit Philadelphia’s President and CEO Meryll Levitz. “You can live on a cobblestone street. You can walk to work with your friends. You can have affordable accommodations. You can be outside much of the time. You can have great coffee.”

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Some of the ad lines include: “The City of Green Love,” “The City of Alfresco Love,” “The City of Cobblestone Love,” “The City of Fabulous Love” and “The City of Foodie Love.”

The campaign cost $85,000 and will run towards the end of November. Visit Philadelphia says it’s all ready seeing positive feedback through social media.

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