By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s District Attorney and a few of her staffers are heading into city schools starting this week to launch a new offensive against bullying.

D-A Kelley Hodge, who used to hold the position of Safe Schools Advocate in Philadelphia, assigned her staff to come up with an engaging program to fight bullying. The result: an interactive problem-solving program called Out Smart, which uses scenarios similar to an escape-room game for students to recognize and prevent bullying.

Ebony Wortham, the D-A’s director of juvenile justice policy and truancy prevention, says right now Out Smart is aimed at middle school students.

“We believe that middle school age is that perfect age where you can really sort of tap into young people,” she said. “They really understand all of the emotions that go into bullying.”

Wortham says students who score well in the games can earn “DA Dollars” that can be used to buy things like bicycles or Phillies tickets at the end of the school year.