By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The city of Philadelphia laid it all on the line in its pitch to get Internet juggernaut Amazon to build its second headquarters here.

But what will such a win mean for the average Philadelphian?

“Everything from the shoe shine guy, to the Uber driver, to the PhD, to the hotel operator, everybody would get a share of those multi-billions of dollars- and I said billions with a ‘B,'” said Harold Epps, Commerce Director for the city of Philadelphia.

He lays it all out on this week’s episode of Flashpoint, explaining what a new Amazon headquarters and its 50,000 jobs mean for the average family.

“We’ve got the infrastructure and the mass transportation. Will the ground transportation and the Schuylkill get worse? Yes,” said Epps.

What it’ll mean for property values and public schools, plus a debate over kneeling during the anthem and a new effort to get more Philadelphians civilly engaged, Sunday morning at 8:30 on Flashpoint.