By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Two new furry additions to the Philadelphia Zoo make their public debut.

Two male red panda cubs, born back in June, are now on exhibit at the Philadelphia Zoo.

The babies weigh just a few pounds each, but look bigger thanks to their fluffy cinnamon-colored fur.

Donna Evernham, Curator of Carnivores and Ungulates says the births are very special because red pandas are considered endangered in the wild.

“It is considered an important birth, because the mother, her name is Sparks, is a very valuable genetic red panda, and so any births she has is important to the population,” Evernham said.

If you want to tell the babies a part, Yeren is larger than his brother and tends to explore away from his mother a little bit more. Ping Jing tends to stay near mom and has a black spot on his head.

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