By Dr. Brian McDonoughSponsored By Independence Blue Cross

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We talk a great deal about “weekend warriors.”

These are people who exercise on the weekend and often run into complications because they may have pushed themselves too hard and not given themselves enough opportunity to recover.

Certainly exercise on the weekend is important, you just need to balance it and build to levels you’re comfortable with.

But there is another group of people who run into problems on the weekend, entirely different problems.

People who regularly overeat on the weekend can sabotage their weight loss efforts and this can lead to a weight gain of nearly 10 pounds by the end of the year.

In case you’re wondering, the worst day for overeating tends to be Saturday.

As physicians would often warn patients about not overeating on holidays but few of us think about the weekends. It is something that all of us should consider and can make a big difference.