PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia’s historic district has been given a rare artifact that belonged to two revolutionary war officers.

Jonathan Pettibone was a colonel heading the 18th (Connecticut) Regiment which fought in battles for New York in 1776. His sword, a silver hilted American smallsword, was donated to the Museum of the American Revolution by Owen Williams, a descendant of Col. Pettibone.

“It is my great privilege to donate the sword to the Museum of the American Revolution,” Williams said.

untitled79 Rare Sword Donated To Museum Of The American Revolution

(credit: John McDevitt)

Williams says he use to play with the sword as a kid.

“As a normal little boy playing war and so forth, this was a natural implement,” he said. “I’m a little ashamed realizing what could have happened, but all is well.”

The weapon is both inscribed by its original owner and the maker, American silversmith Joseph Copp.

After Pettibone’s death during the war, the sword was willed to his son, Jonathan Pettibone, Jr. He was a lieutenant in the war.

The sword, which was never on display before, will be on exhibit in the beginning of next year.


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