By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Reading Terminal Market will soon be offering Puerto Rican cuisine.

Luis Liceaga, co-owner of Reading Terminal Market’s upcoming Loco Lucho Latino Kitchen, points out there aren’t many places to get Puerto Rican food in Center City, a cuisine that has it’s own unique taste.

“Puerto Rican cooking is not Mexican, it’s not Cuban,” Liceaga said, “even though it’s close, it’s not Dominican,”

What differentiates it?

“Flavor! It’s very well seasoned,” he explained. “Meats are very well marinated.”

Liceaga is from Puerto Rico and says it’s an emotional time right now in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Me and [my co-owner], Rafi, were both raised there, his parents are there,” he said. “We feel very sad for what’s going on over there.”

He says after they open early next year, they hope to donate money to the Puerto Rican recovery effort.

“And maybe we could celebrate Three Kings Day here at the market,” he said. “That will be January 6th!”