By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A father and son team has transformed a piece of blight on North Broad Street into an oasis complete with West Indian sounds and flavors.

The owners left hospital careers to pursue a passion.

When you walk into Flambo at Broad and Parrish, you first hear the music.

Then see colorful costumes and a formal dining room complete with King and Queen Chandeliers.

But when you get a wiff of the aromas, “hear that sizzle! How could you not be happy in the kitchen?” says Anthony Logan, who owns Flambo with his son Kevin.

The seed for this place is his love for his home country Trinidad, and it was planted in 2003 when, on the way to a job interview at Hahnemann Hospital, he happened upon an abandoned building for sale.

“The guy was like yeah, nobody wants it, it’s been sitting there since the 1980s,” Anthony said.

He says the location struck him because “it was walking distance from city hall. It was mind-blowing to me.”

So for years, Anthony worked his lucrative day job in hospital administration and used his extra money to transform this place.

With his son’s help last December, they opened Flambo, a Caribbean restaurant specializing in Trinidadian cuisine.

“I have a connection with food,” said Anthony, who does the cooking with fresh, organic ingredients, while Kevin does the serving.

Together, they make magic.

“We do whatever we have to do to get the door open and satisfy every guest,” said Kevin.

They have rave reviews, a growing buzz, and a vision.

“To really bring an experience to people,” said Anthony.

A vision fueled with a passion for food and a love of home.