PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Thousands of law enforcement leaders from around the world are in Philadelphia for the 124th Annual International Associations of Chiefs of Police Conference.

The gathering includes 15,000 officers from 150 countries sharing ideas, procedures and policies.

“To ensure that we are providing our members and the broader profession leading edge thoughts and efforts on community police relations, terrorism, technology, victimization, said Vincent Talucci.

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Talucci is the CEO and Executive Director for the IACP.

“We don’t want people to reinvent the wheel, we want people to be candid, we want people to learn from others experience,” he said.

Including a discussion with London’s Police Chief, who are in town to discuss how they handle increased terror threats.

“Talking about the threats that they’ve had and the terrorist activity they’ve had in London,” Talucci said. “Peer sharing is invaluable.”

The conference starts Monday, and ends Tuesday.