PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — More than 1,300 students in the Philadelphia School District are involved in after school Scrabble clubs where they work on strategies to make the most of the tiles they get.

There are 92 Scrabble clubs in public and charter schools in Philadelphia. It’s an initiative by ASAP or After School Activities Partnerships keeping kids safe with after school programs that complement classroom learning.

Fifteen-year-old Bryant Alvarado is in 10th grade at Olney Charter High School. It’s his second year in the program.

“I started playing Scrabble for fun,” Alvarado said. “I came to a tournament and I saw how competitive it could get and how intense it could actually be, and I got more interested as time went on.”

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Alvarado says he has improved in spelling, vocabulary, word choice and does better in his debate club.

“Because I have access to more words in my brain,” he said.

Scrabble participants are hoping to make it to nationals in the spring.

In addition to city-wide youth Scrabble, ASAP also has debate, chess and drama programs.

Volunteers are always welcome.

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