By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Former NFL quarterback Colin Kapernick filed a grievance against NFL owners for his inability to work in the league. Now a Coalition of civil rights and grassroots groups in Philadelphia are calling for a national NFL boycott.

“All freedom loving people to come out to their local NFL stadium on October 22,” said Supreme Dow is convenor of the 1022 Protest Committee.

The 1022 Protest Committee is a coalition of groups that includes the Philadelphia NAACP, Guardian Civic League, Philadelphia National Action Network and others.

Dow is calling on these groups to come together for a one day boycott of the NFL this Sunday to support NFL players who protest during the national anthem, especially Colin Kapernick, who many believe has been “blackballed” by the NFL.

“We’ don’t know if they’ve met and said they are going to blackball Colin Kapernick,” says Dow, “But what we do know is that he is a championship quarterback who took teams to the Super Bowl and he has not been given an opportunity to play for another team.”

Dow says his Coalition has called on their national counterparts to join in the action.

Since the Eagles play on Monday, the Committee has asked Philadelphians and others, who support players’ right to “take a knee” as a way to speak out against the killing of African-Americans by law enforcement, to join their protest outside the Linc during the game.