By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Pennsylvania congressman sponsored legislation that a high-ranking DEA investigator says made addictive pain killers more available. And many families who’ve lost loved ones to addiction are reeling after seeing the report.

Like so many others,  22-year-old Thadeus Burke’s addiction to heroin, started with prescription pain killers.

“We had no idea how addictive turning to heroin was,” Thadeus Burke’s mother, Dorie said. “I had no idea like we do now.”

His parents todd and dorie, who live in central pennsylvania . Will grieve the loss of their son forever .. He died of an overdose last year

“There is no training, no preparing for losing a son,” Thadeus’s father Todd said.

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Now they’re outraged, after watching the “60 Minutes” report that uncovers the drug distribution industry, which many claim fuels the opioid crisis and a new law that allows it.

That law was sponsored by pennsylvania congressman tom marino and promoted as a way to ensure patients had access to necessary pain medication
But a dea whistleblower and other experts said it stripped the dea of its ability to freeze suspicious shipments

“I don’t know, but it’s not an easy road,” Dorie said. “If there are things that are hindering the war on drugs, then that needs to stop.”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is one of 41 now demanding information and documents from nine companies that manufacture or distribute prescription opioids.

Pennsyvlania reported more than four-and-a-half thousand fatal drug overdoses in 2016. That same year, more than seven million opioid prescription drugs were dispensed throughout the state.

“His addiction did not define who he was,” Todd said of his son Thadeus.

Congressman Marino had been nominated by President Trump to be his drug czar but the President on Monday nixed that plan.