HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) — President Trump makes a return trip to Harrisburg today (October 10, 2017), this time to rally support for his tax reform proposals.

President Trump marked his first 100 days with a Harrisburg rally in April, and now he’ll be back with a smaller event to push for his tax reform proposals.

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Franklin and Marshall College political analyst Terry Madonna says it should come as no surprise that Trump would return so quickly to south central Pennsylvania.

“This was an area that he won rather handily,” Madonna said. “And so he’s back, in a sense, in Trump territory.”

In April, Trump appeared in an arena that seats more than 7,000.

Wednesday, he’ll speak in an Air National Guard hanger at Harrisburg International Airport that will hold about a thousand people.

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A senior White House official says truckers will be prominently represented in the audience as Trump stresses what he believes would be the positive impact of his tax reforms on what the official terms “salt-of-the-earth working [people].”

That official says truckers are, in many ways, the lifeblood of the economy.