PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Travelers with disabilities face unique challenges at the airport, but a local hospital is trying to help make it easier to fly.

Pack your patience says Mark Chilutti, Assistant Vice President of Development at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital.

“People don’t necessarily know much about your injury, or your disability, so be nice,” he said.

Explain what help you need and how best to assist you. Get to the airport early and make sure your items are clearly marked.

“Remember to take any parts off of your wheelchair that could possibly get lost, fall off or break when it’s down being stored,” he said.

Chilutti suggests travelers speak up and clearly state what help they need.

“I find that the people at the airport want to help me, they just don’t always know how, so if I can be proactive and let them know here, hold my legs here or lift me here, they’re willing to do it, they just don’t always know what to do, he said.

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Southwest Airlines and Philadelphia International Airport contributed to the five-minute video which can be found on the hospital’s website.