Geneva Carr is so humble and enthusiastic when she talks about Bull, you have to remind yourself that you’re not talking to a super fan, but one of the show’s main stars. In her own words, Geneva Carr is “really jazzed” about the the direction Bull is taking in its second season. She watches the premiere of each episode on the couch with a bag of popcorn like the rest of us, and she deserves it — she has worked hard to reach new depths with her character Marissa Morgan as she navigates her role on the TAC team and her ever-evolving relationship with Dr. Bull (Michael Weatherly). Geneva talked to CBS Local about how season 2 showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron pushed actors and what we can expect from the rest of the season.


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We’re in season 2 of Bull, it’s very exciting. How has the response to the first two episodes been? Had you seen them already, or do you guys not get to view it until the premiere?

Geneva Carr: We do not get to view them until they air, but Michael [Weatherly] and Glenn Gordon Caron generously had a party just for the cast and crew the night before the premiere. They rented out a theater at Lincoln Center and we had cocktails and appetizers and watched the show with the crew, which was a terrific way to kick off the second season. We got to watch it with the camera guys and the grips and hair and makeup and it was really fun. It felt like a family event. So I’d seen the first one, but I also watched it on television with popcorn by myself the next night. That’s how I watched the second one too.

How was shooting season 2 different from season 1? Was there more pressure going into a new season or do you feel like the team was able to settle into more of a groove?

GC: We’ve only shot a third of the episodes for season 2, so we’re still in full swing. We’re on episode 9. But it’s a good question because when you shoot a first season, everybody’s figuring out what the deal is. For the show, we explained to everyone what trial science is. For the second season, we have a new showrunner, Glenn Gordon Caron, who created Moonlighting and Medium, which were crime shows but you don’t remember any of the crime — you remember the characters. I think that’s what’s happening on Bull now. You are learning more about the people who practice trial science. I think the first two episodes that have aired have really shown a personal view about who these people are, specifically Bull. In season 1, everybody got to see what a genius he is, how he’s got three Ph.D’s in psychology, and he can figure people out. In the second season, we’re seeing why he figures people out. And there’s very personal information about each one of the team members of TAC that’s coming forward. There’s a lot of exciting stuff about my character — I have a love interest. There’s also a big episode — not this next one but the one after — where Dr. Bull is charged with a crime himself so we have to use our services for him. Brad Garrett is a guest star in that and he’s fantastic. In that episode, there’s some very personal stuff that comes out about my relationship with Dr. Bull and a lot about Marissa Morgan and who she is. I think you’re going to learn a lot about these people because appearances are not always what they seem. Dr. Bull seems like the smartest man in the room, but he’s also vulnerable. Marissa seems completely on top of things and type-A and bossy, but she’s not in control of her love life or personal life. I think it’s gonna be great for fans. The first one was a big hit and I’m really jazzed about the turn the show is taking now that we’re already on the air.

Was there more pressure going into a new season or do you feel like the team was able to settle into more of a groove?

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GC: Listen, you’re acting, there’s always nerves. I get very nervous and panicked — everybody does. The actors are so good on the show and now we know each other. It’s like an acting troupe and we trust each other, so we’re not nervous with each other and we know that we have each other’s backs. It’s an incredible team of very skilled actors and also really great people. And we all really like each other. I mean, I just got flowers last night from one of my colleagues on the show. Very sweet.

You mentioned that Glenn Gordon Caron is the showrunner this season. How has it been with him at the helm?

GC: Oh, it’s amazing. He’s a very interesting guy. He’s um, he’s very self-deprecating. He’s a lot like Michael. They both have very wicked senses of humor and they’re both very modest. For the most charming man in the room, Michael doesn’t even seem to know it, and neither does Glenn. And they really get each other. I think Glenn is very astute at figuring people out, which is pretty terrific considering what the show is about. He’s writing for each of the actors on the show. There have been things that my character Marissa has had to do this season that, I swear to God, I asked him if he was tapping my phone or was calling my friends. He senses things about people and he lets that infiltrate the characters. Every single one of the actors on the show this season have very interesting twists. If you watched last night, Danny, Jaime Lee Kirchner’s character, has a hidden love interest that none of us knew about. Chunk, Christopher Jackson’s character, has a very interesting career change coming up. You really learn about everybody, and that is kudos to Glenn, who’s really writing to everyone on the show.

It sounds like we’re going to be digging a lot deeper this season. Thanks for taking the time to speaking with me.

GC: Absolutely. Thanks so much.


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Bull airs Tuesdays at at 9p.m. EST. For more information, check your local listings.