By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– Tuesday is the deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania in the November election. Election officials have faced challenges in trying to promote registration.

Philadelphia City Commissioner Lisa Deeley doesn’t like the term off-year election.

“That’s what it’s termed as but, actually, for Philadelphians, this might be one of the most important elections,” said Deeley.

Philadelphians will elect a district attorney, a city controller, and a slate of judges at every level of the court system. Still, it doesn’t generate the interest of higher-profile offices, a challenge exacerbated, last week, when the Republican party sent out an email with the wrong registration deadline.

She says the email went to dozens of democrats who called her office, charging it was an effort to suppress voting. The party sent out a corrected version and she says there’s no reason to believe it wasn’t an honest mistake.

“We would hope that everybody who’s dealing with voters would make sure the information they’re populating is factual and doesn’t do more to disenfranchise people than to help them get involved in the process,” said Deeley.

You can register online at or in person at the commissioner’s office on Columbus Boulevard and Spring Garden Street.

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